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I'm applying for a company far away and if I get an interview it will probably be done remotely. I have been searching for advices regarding this but all tips seem to be directed at face-to-face meetings (things like "shake hands firmly").

What are the differences? How can I make the best out of those differences?

Update: This is a software developer position, so there's also something about technical questions (such as, I can Google anything that they ask ;)

This question also applies to any freelancers who are dealing with customers, or recruiters who are interviewing remotely. I hope that makes it relevant to this site. It may also help if you keep answers programers-related.

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If you do video chat, look at the camera, not at your interviewer on your monitor. Then you'll look to the interviewer like you're looking at them instead of off to the side. –  Anna Lear Feb 17 '11 at 3:39
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@Anna Lear, you mean look at the camera, not the screen, right? –  Yar Feb 17 '11 at 3:40
@Yar Oops. Yes. Thanks. –  Anna Lear Feb 17 '11 at 3:42
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Remote interviews can be stressful. When I first started conducting interviews remotely, it was awkward, hard to hear, difficult to read the candidates' body language, difficult to watch them do programming exercises on paper, and distracting when technical issues occurred.

The first time I was in a video conference was at a bank in Delaware. I was talking to an investment banker about investing. I think I was concentrating more on the technology and how interesting it was to do a video call, and it distracted me from asking the questions I had. Plus, it didn't help that the guy was rude and acted like I was wasting his time.

Today, I do video calls all the time a few times per day. It's normal now.

I suggest you download Skype, get a video camera, and find someone else who has one. Practice with a friend talking over video so that it becomes more natural for you.

Interviewing is like driving a car. If you're distracted, you're not going to do well and will probably crash and burn.

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First.. never indulge in googling while the interview is on, even if its over the phone. It gets detected much easliy than you think.

For the other things (considering its a video interview)

  • Dress up properly.
  • Ensure that the room you are in/back drop looks decent.
  • Sit in a quiet environment, without any background noise.
  • Position your camera in line with your monitor so that while you look at your interviewer, he gets a clear view of you too.
  • Check and double check your hardware well in time, nothing is more annoying than the static noise.
  • Take turns while speaking and try to avoid asking the person to repeat anything.
  • Make your answers short and to the point, long answers over a video call may not register well with the listener.

These are a few things that I can think of from the top of my head as of now, will add more later.

Good luck with your interview.

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make sure you have decent sound quality!

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