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So 4 times a year we have an innovation week (to even out the odd sprint releases). This whole week is dedicated to experimenting with new technology/ideas that could potentially help progress the software department or the company as a whole, and serve as sort of a starting point for new ideas and brainstorming.

For example, the last one contained a lot of projects. One was the re-design of our web app into more of a Web 2.0 look and feel using JQuery and a lot of cool CSS tricks. Another was a proposal for a new bug tracking software as opposed to the clearly outdated one we use, and another was a very cool JQuery/Js design that could show the same page to multiple users on different computers and allow each of them to take "charge" of the page, disabling the other one from doing anything, and vice versa, seeing all updates in real time -- sort of like Netmeeting through Js.

Well, this is my first one as a new employee so I wanted to think of something cool. We get one week (anywhere from 40-60 hours or so), and we usually pair up or do this in groups of 3-4, depending on how many projects there are. Projects have to get approved but usually that doesn't prove to be too difficult.

We are in the financial analysis software industry if the domain was leading you guys to think of anything helpful. I am primarily working on a web app in MVC 2 at the moment using a lot of JQuery and a C# backend.

Do you guys have any idea of something that would be cool/beneficial/worth it?

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define: innovation –  aqua Feb 20 '11 at 7:44

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srry for my english,it may not be perfect,but just see,what I'm actually trying to say:

** Build a MOBILE APP or Free SMS sharing or Relevant Updates on the go. **

As you are in financial software's, there may be people already thinking of computer based solutions. As you said,you do work with jquery,css and all, I see in coming times,Mobile apps using jquery may prove to be usefull,you may think of building a Mobile App, which can act as News channel of your office, I mean you can get Updates on mobiles like financial market updates,office deals,new hires,fired collegues,and all you can think of what else happen in your office,that your collegues would like to share via a mobile app, or free sms system, but not the computer based,because mobility is always appreciated by user of your software ,if performance of it is taken are of. There are many free opensource mobile app frameworks available out there,which only require you to come up with brilliant idea's,and just start deploying in days. And one more thing,your mobile app should be compatible with maximum kind of handsets,your office people may be using. AND If you require an idea from company's point of view,then just broaden you mobile app's service domain to include,outer world things like user profile's,rewarding system for maximum loyal user's and small giveaway's of resource's for free to the user.

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I actually kind of like this idea as we were already discussing some sort of automated framework in our app to pump updates out to a Twitter channel for the company. Maybe this can elevate that or take its place. –  slandau Feb 20 '11 at 0:04

Work on your internal build tools, clean up code or add new test frameworks. It may not be creative, but it could make your future day-to-day development work easier. It sounds like a great opportunity to pay down some technical debt.

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Our 6 month goals include these things already...so these things are kind of already being worked on =/ –  slandau Feb 20 '11 at 0:04

Do your internal social networking site.(If you dont have already).It will also help you and the company to share your thoughts,ideas.Make the ratings depends upon the ideas and suggestions.If you have various branches connect the other users depend upon your domain and start the topic as you want to discuss .It will lead you to learn new things.

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We use clearspace, so that's kind of already in place. Good idea though. –  slandau Feb 20 '11 at 0:03

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