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I just wanted to get some honest opinions from developers about the prospect of a marketplace/app store for the PC? Would you build apps for it?

Examples are, etc etc...

Cheers, Ash.

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Are you THE Ash? – Joel Etherton Mar 1 '11 at 18:38
@Joel Do you ask every person named Ash if they're fictional? – Adam Lear Mar 1 '11 at 20:42
@Anna Lear - Statistically yes. This is the first person I've encountered who actually has that name. Besides, the opportunity just couldn't be passed up. – Joel Etherton Mar 1 '11 at 23:59

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It's definitely a good idea, if done properly (the "properly" bit is important). Not having to set up a merchant account, or associate with a third-party web site (who often take up to 70% of the price, IIRC), to sell your software would be a big boost to a lot of indies.

And some sort of basic verification, i.e. knowing that an app won't leave crap all over your hard drive and have a broken uninstaller, or knowing that there wouldn't be viruses all over it, would be very nice too.

However, the barrier to entry is a lot higher than (for example) the iPhone app store, because there are already so many people doing it the old way. If you make it too hard or annoying, nobody is going to use it.

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I would be interested but only if it has very few guidelines. I'm talking 10% of the amount the Apple store has.

For this to work it would need:

  • Transparent reviewing process.
  • Fast processing time.
  • A low percentage cut when selling the application. (30% is ridiculous)
  • Allow for any type of application with security to protect children. Just a simple age check.

I doubt this will work though. Why go through a middle man? The thing I like about Windows and Linux is you can install whatever you want whenever you want. No need for approval from anyone.

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I wouldn't. I specialize in software for a specific market and there are much better way to reach them than a general app-store. Also, the benefit of local dealers who know their business and their clients is a significant boost factor for sales (as counter-intuitive as it might at first sound).

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I would definitely be interested in something like that. I think that if you were planning to implement something like that you would have to have a screening process to allow quality applications on the site and not the typical junk that you can find on any download site for Windows applications.

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Providing the plumbing for selling software is not the biggest concern, but would be a nice service if it is inexpensive.

How are you going to actually market my software? You can leave this up to me, but then I wouldn't be as interested in your site nor would I be willing to pay you as much. I would want your site to attract users that actually pay for software like people in business and not a those looking for free software that makes cat farts.

Helping me find someone with domain expertise and the ability to identify their market who is interested in collaborating on building and selling an application would be a huge benefit.

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