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I teach evenings in a prison. The students need a computer course in management information systems to fulfill a degree requirement. There are no computers or calculators available and I am not allowed to bring equipment into the prison. Most of what I've found on the internet regarding this question is created for young children. I need something for adults.


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At the risk of painting a very bad stereotype:

Start with what they know. How do they manage their ad-hoc organizations as prisoners? How is a hierarchy reached? How do they keep track of who owes what to whom?

Tie this into the material you want to teach as best as you can with the Byzantine conditions you've been handed.


Management Information Systems is a very broad topic and no machinery is required to teach it. I would recommend finding a local community college and see if you can speak to a professor about a similar class to get some sort of basic lesson plan that they might offer in a similar vein.

There may be technical tasks, but those can usually be cut out and replaced with more informational level assignments. Management Information Systems is less about being technically proficient with the system than it is being familiar with the systems' capabilities, uses, requirements, etc.