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Two quesitons:

1) Lets say I have a one-man company, and I am personally Java certified by Sun/Oracle. Is it then OK to say that my company is also certified to help me get more customers?

2) What if a large company with 50 employees and at least one is Java certified by Sun/Oracle. Is it OK to say that the company is Java certified as well?

How does this work?


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As @Björn noted, Java certifications are for persons, not companies. What you can advertise is "100% of our developers are certified Java experts" in the first case. In the second case, it may be better to put it like "some/most/all of our lead developers are certified Java experts".


The certificate is personal and not transferrable to the company. I guess you could still say that your company is Java certified but it would be incorrect. A company certificate such as ISO 9001 would require an audit of your companys business which the Java programmer certificates does not entail.


@Björn & Péter Török answers are apt for your first question.

For the second one, if it’s a large company then you can look for partnership program.

Oracle Partnership Network, there is a Program Qualification Criteria and fee to join.
See Join the Oracle PartnerNetwork Program and document Guide to Complete OPN Enrollment Application for more details. There are three levels Remarketer, Silver, Gold & Platinum

This will help companies to market their products and get more works.

Certified employees are one of the qualifications to be called as Oracle Certified Company or Partner.

Our company is Microsoft Certified Small Buisness Specialist and we are trying for Microsoft Certified Silver Partner, and I’m one of the people who have MS certification for this program.


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