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Is it possible to have in eclipse 2 "team providers" for same project. E.g. svn and mercurial? So svn will be used to commit to central repository, and mercurial only to work on my PC. E.g. when I get updates from SVN, I commit to mercurial, then I work with mercurial. When everything is ready to go to central place, i commit in SVN. There is no need to integrate change history.

Yes, ideally it will be just mercurial, and most probably it will happened later. But for now I want to try some dirty and fast solution if it exist :)

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As mentioned, you should have a look at HgSubversion. It's quite stable (I'm using it successfully for more than a year now). Combined with MercurialEclipse for the Hg integration with Mercurial.

Regarding purely your original question, the answer is: no, there is no way to add two team providers on a given project. That's one of the hard limit of the Eclipse IDE.

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ok, I will probably try to move to Mercurial completely – Konstantin Petrukhnov Mar 8 '11 at 12:31

Use the third-party tool, HgSubversion, to achieve what you're after.

Note: It may not be (easily) integrated with Eclipse though...

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I've tried hgsubversion and found that it works, but it can be flaky at times. I'd recommend getting moved over to a purely Mercurial system as soon as possible if you're going down this route. – Ant Mar 4 '11 at 15:02

I use Hg and SVN in the Same project . Since it is very risky to commit every single change to SVN (since it is production code) , we are using Hg for internal commits. Once everything is working fine , one person takes care of checking in into SVN .

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Does this person work from eclipse (for both: SVN and Hg) or use some separate tools? – Konstantin Petrukhnov Mar 9 '11 at 8:56

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