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Does anybody know of any one month creative challenges for programmers, sort of like National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMonth) but for programmers. One month in which you must create something, not just a series of challenges for you to overcome, or problems for you to solve. Something like: National Website Building Month (NaWebBuMo), or National Game Building Month (NaGaBuMo), but real instead of fabrications spun from my mind?

I'm looking for something that asks that you have a (relatively) finished product at the end of thirty days.

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Dream Build Play requires a fairly high quality game complete by June 14th.

It's not a single month challenge, but I usually find the time constraints of dbp quite pressing even so.

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Yeah, Dream Build Play is definitely cool, but I'm looking for something that's less of a competition sponsored by one corporation, and more of an event; almost like a national holiday. I really like the idea of an agreed upon time-frame where programmers everywhere get jiggy with their creativity. Which is weird, for me personally, cuz I'm not really a joiner :p –  IntrepidDude Mar 15 '11 at 14:22

You can try TopCoder. Last I checked, they had design / development projects which take about the time you're interested in.

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