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I have some experience with SharePoint. My company has decided to use Oracle WebCenter to create a internal portal. None of the IT staff have any experience with Oracle WebCenter, and I think we could use SharePoint for this job, as we have been using it until now.

So, what are the advantages to using Oracle WebCenter?

Which are your experiences with Oracle WebCenter 11g? And how different is it from SharePoint?

What can I do with Oracle WebCenter that I cannot do with Microsoft SharePoint?

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Has your company shifted from SP to WC? Ask whoever made the decision why they did - they'll probably just say things like cost, etc. The option to ditch SharePoint in favour of Oracle has, in my experience, been due to failed SharePoint projects, and the stakeholders then dislike the platform which was probably suited for the job just fine. I've no experience of WC at all so this is just a comment. –  James Love Mar 4 '11 at 20:33
Some answers are difficult to find. As principal middleware plataform, yes, they shifted. We didn't failed with SP, though. –  Guilherme J Santos Mar 5 '11 at 23:02
Is the main DB on Oracle? Just wondering, maybe Oracle simply offered a bundle –  ZJR Sep 2 '11 at 1:05

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Until about 15 mins ago I knew nothing about it. But your question got me interested, since my company is rolling on Sharepoint and is in the process of upgrading to 2010.

One really cool thing in WebCenter is the social networking capabilities. When Sharepoint 2007 came out I was surprised there was just a "MySite". Not quite social networking.

Also, some light reading:

From Oracle Forums July 2010

From Mavericks Portal City

From Wikipedia

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