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I want to express the below events in an activity diagram:

  • An alternative flow, such as "at step x of basic flow, user clicks cancel instead of ok".
  • An alternative entry to the use case, such as "instead of click the bold button, use can press Ctrl-B".
  • An error, such as "when user clicks save, the system is unable to save the file to disk."

How can I do these?

Thank you.

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you need something called constraints or guardian conditions.enter image description here

see where it says [loopguard] in that diagram? you can put [if user does x] implying the next state won't occur until the condition is true.

for the second question, I'd just write "user presses ctrl+B or selects Bold" in the same state circle or as a note to the side.

for the third question, you can use exceptions. It looks like this: enter image description here

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I'm not an expert on diagramming, but I like using shapes with multiple points to specify an alternative path, such as Diamonds or Triangles

enter image description here

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