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I have a free app in the store. I am considering an update. It would add some additional options, but also ads. I am curious if anyone else has done this, and if so what was the reaction. Did it piss off your users?

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If you think the options/features are worth paying for or something you deserve money for, charge - instead of compromising with ads - keep your app elegant and beautiful. –  dbramhall Mar 9 '11 at 21:47
Might not be a terrible idea, but as someone said: provide an option to remove the ads for a reasonable fee. I only used a Droid phone. I quickly realized that the free lunch can be the most expensive - e.g. they want to get and sell my data. Many developers tried to sneak elevated permissions (such as access to GPS, to text and emails, to address book, etc.) during an update. Good thing that android warns me about those - I delete them. If I saw ads suddenly appear, I would be slightly annoyed but I would probably continue using it. Not every user is aware of the data stealing though. –  Job Mar 9 '11 at 23:48

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I have experienced the change from free to ads-supported and found it annoying. Since you get what you pay for, i've mostly removed those apps.

For a compromise you could offer the same app ad-free for a small premium.

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Depending on how you implement the ad then using Apple's iAd network would be a pretty good option. I haven't, however, had much experience with the network but from what I see in third-party apps, they're pretty high standard. As previously stated, if you really just want to make money then I would recommend charging for your app. When charging for your app I'd recommend £0.59 because it's the most appealing to the customer. I don't know what your app is exactly so the best judge of a price would be you.

http://developer.apple.com/iad/ http://advertising.apple.com/ (check out the video!)

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Is there anybody that likes using spamware applications?

If you need/want to generate some revenue from your application, why not just charge money for it?

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I think that it would be fine as long as it doesn't interrupt game-play (assuming it's a game). If it's just an ad that hangs on the bottom, that's probably fine, what I hate is the Ad.fly ads (I have to stare at the ad 5 seconds then disperse it before I can use the app).

This comment is a bit off topic and for that I apologize, but tl:dr>> Don't put an inertial ad and don't make it show up 24/7.

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