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I think today's typical/traditional 3-5 days developer training classes aren't so great, as you tend to forget half of it shortly after. It's too much one way communication and not enough interaction. Also brain research has shown that this kind of setup is usually not optimal for efficient learning.

For clarification, I am referring to professional, commercial, paid classes. However this could also be applied for any kind of studies.

How could the ultimate developer training package be setup to really make sure you learn what you are supposed to learn?

Would that be more:

  • Multimedia?
  • Exercises?
  • Homeworks?
  • Spread out over time instead of 3-5 compact days?
  • Group projects?

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I think the ultimate developer training course would be to hire the instructor to come in and walk everyone through the project they are currently working on. Even if it is just one iteration. At least then you are learning how to solve the problems/use the tools/learn the techniques you are actually going to need. The biggest problem with most training courses is that they work great for the examples in the course, but then when you try to apply them to your particular needs there is frequently a big mismatch or the course left out some really key concept that is required on your project.


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