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My situation: I'm on a programming team, and this year, we want to weed out the weak link by making a competition to get the best coder from our group of candidates. Focus is on IEEExtreme-like contests.

What I've done: I've been trying already for 2 weeks to get a practice or test site, like UVa or codechef.

The plan after I find one: Send them (the candidates) a list of direct links to the problems (making them the "contest's problem list) get them to email me their correct answers' code at the time the judge says they have solved it and accept the fastest one into the team.

Issues: We had practiced on UVa already (on programming challenges too), so our former teammate (which will be in the candidate group) already has an advantage if we used it. Codechef has all it's answers public, and since it shows the latest ones it will be extremely hard to verify if the answer was copied. And I've found other sites, like SPOJ, but they share at least some problems with codechef, making them inherit the issue of Codechef

So, what alternatives do you think there are? Any site that may work? Any place to get all stuff to set up a Mooshak or similar contest (as in the stuff to get the problems, instructions to set up the server itself are easy to google)? Any other idea?


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did you check out topcoder? –  BrokenGlass Mar 13 '11 at 18:47
The slowest programmer isnt the weakest link. The weakest link is the programmer who always makes mistakes, refuses to correct them, and refuses to accept any other viewpoints or work as a team in general –  RhysW May 10 '13 at 12:52

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Check CodeEval :

CodeEval is a platform used by developers to showcase their skills. Developers can participate in app building competitions and win cash/prizes. They can also solve programming challenges as a way to impress employers with their technical skills. Employers can use CodeEval as a way to enhance their brand by launching competitions/programming challenges and as a means to get introduced to the best developers.

There are many challenges in there. You can create your own as well.


Project Euler could work. Answers are hidden until you provide the correct result. Though in my experience you can find most problems discussed and solved on one or another web site.

I was thinking of the exact same website. –  Matt Mar 14 '11 at 0:07