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My initial question deserves some explanation. I signed up for an account at learnersparadise.com. After signing up I couldn't login so I opted to use their "send password" feature.

Upon receiving my password in my email I confirmed two things A) They trimmed off 2 of the last digits of my 10-digit password without informing me and saved it that way in their database B) my password is not saved in their database using a one-way hash since they were able to email me my password. I'm quite certain that both of these are perfectly awful programming practices.

I suspect that the mentors/trainers at learnersparadise are not necessarily affiliated with the website and it's design since they are basically people like you and me (hopefully more skill than me) who have signed up to become mentors. However, I'm still uncertain about signing up for training/mentoring at a site that uses such poor programming practices themselves?

Would you let learnersparadise poor programming practices affect your opinion of their trainers/mentors?

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At first, I thought that this might be spam for learnersparadise, but that is quite clearly not the case :) –  Adam Crossland Mar 17 '11 at 16:38

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Sounds like it was designed by learners. Maybe they should get some of the mentors to help them.

As a practice, I usually try to avoid using any site that can email me my original password. That is indeed horrible design and practice. It's even worse when you add on to that the fact that many people, even those of us who are supposed to know better as programmers, use the same or almost the same password for all of our various online accounts. It's a practice I was guilty of for a long time before I learned the hard way a couple years back.

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