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While looking at some non-phone Android devices (tablets, e-readers, ect.) I noticed one strange thing, many of them did not come with access to Google's android market place. Yet they still claim access to thousands of applications. Like this device My question, who are these other android app distributer? Are they trustworthy enough to do business with? If it means reaching people on devices with no Google Market access, should I be looking to distribute my apps with these third-party markets? Is it worth the trouble even thinking about it?

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The biggest name that I've heard of for third-party distributors is Amazon's plans to host an app store. Even without an app store, a lot of apps found on Google's Marketplace can also be found on the individual developers' websites.

There do seem to be more and more Android devices coming out that do not have the license agreements with Google to have their Marketplace software, so it definitely could turn out to be advantageous to have apps available on the big third-party markets. I don't think many distributors are out there just yet, so right now it's a little hard to identify who the key players will be.

Info about the Amazon Appstore Developer Program can be found here.

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