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I'm looking for a good conference on Software Architecture to attend in 2011. Ideally it would be a conference focused on the architect role in general, and not specifically about any particular technology. I'm also probably limited to the US and maybe Canada. Any recommendations?

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Based on the responses so far, it seems like US is the not the place to find any knowledge on the architecture profession. Why is this the case? –  RationalGeek Mar 18 '11 at 14:07
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One of the best I know is in London http://www.software-architect.co.uk/

You might want to keep an eye on IASA events : http://www.iasaglobal.org/iasa/Iasa_Events.asp?SnID=1226535095

Hope this helps a bit.

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Something lke this? http://gotocon.com/aarhus-2011/tracks/ (Formerly known as JAOO.) I don't know the equivalent in North America, but perhaps you could stalk some of the speakers a little to see where else they speak.

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There's now GOTO Chicago! Highly recommended. gotocon.com/chicago-2014 –  TrueWill Jan 29 at 19:29
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The 2011 SEI Architecture Technology User Network (SATURN) conference is in San Francisco and takes place in May. The theme is "Architecting the Future" and has a track dedicated to agile and architecture.

Conference Website

SATURN Blog, regular releases from speakers and related information.

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