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I have a specific requirement. Lets say we have 3 items and a user has selected all 3 items to buy. I need to lock the 3 items (meaning the other people who want to buy the same items cannot view it) for around 10 minutes. How do I implement this?

I am developing a Java web app using Hibernate and struts.

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I wouldnt lock them at all. Double check at checkout that they are available, and display a message if someone had bought the last one before the buyer checked out. I suspect a fairly high % of items are placed into a cart and never checked out. Depending on the nature of the site it could mean lost sales.

If you really do want to reserve the items, you might track a 'in cart' total for each item. Increment the 'in cart' field by 3 when 3 are added to a cart, and then after 10 minutes (or when a sale is made) remove them. Only show items where 'total inventory' - 'in cart' are greater than zero.

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