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I would like to make an animation of Molecular diffusion. I have some CSV or binary file with data to create 3D scene with atoms. It has to be fast animation with diffrent camera views and transparency vary depends on atom's energy.

Since I code in C# on a regular basis I am going to pick up XNA (later Mono.XNA). Is it the best fit? Is there anything good that reduce the amout of code? Has anyone had problem with porting XNA animation to Mono.XNA?

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Please don't use the term "real-time" in a context such as this. What you mean is simply "fast". Real-time has a special meaning in computer science and programming contexts. –  whatsisname Mar 29 '11 at 16:08
Does it have to be in a C# library? Perhaps you can generate a movie script and then use another tool? –  Job Mar 29 '11 at 16:22
@Job It doesn't that was just my guess. @whatsisname you are right. english is not my first lang ;) –  lukas Mar 29 '11 at 16:43

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Get in touch with Professor Chandrajit Bajaj (bajaj@cs.utexas.edu) in the Computer Science Department at The University of Texas at Austin. See his home page for more detail.

His major research focus is scientific visualization (computer graphics) at the molecular level. This is exactly the kind of thing he's interested in (and I was at one point going to be working with him on almost exactly that: essentially a 6DOF "flight simulator" for flying around a complex molecule and looking at it).

I met him in 2003, while doing refresher work at UT Austin, during a period of unemployment. (I'd taken the graphics class some 30 years earlier, and I wanted to see what had changed. I had an absolute blast.) He's great people.

He will enjoy hearing from you, and he will be able to give you very useful pointers.

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Thanks for a tip. –  lukas Mar 29 '11 at 16:41

Not knowing exactly how many elements are going to be involved makes it hard to judge.

However I suspect this would be best served via GPU; I'm not sure if XNA supports GPU.

The closest I can think of would be a generic particle engine.

I think most of your time will be spend optimizing to handle the large dataset I presume would be involved.

Partial calculations + Pre-Calculations, and LOD would probably be involved.

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XNA does support GPU acceleration. I would like to reduce the shit load of work with making own buttons, scrollbars etc. –  lukas Mar 29 '11 at 11:01

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