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I am looking for practical tasks to get experience with Python. Just reading the books and not doing any tasks in the language is not effective.

I solved some problems on the Project Euler and TopCoder and it helped me to learn the syntax of the language better. But those tasks are hard algorithmically, but as a rule is quite simple from the point of view of programming.

Now I'm looking for an interesting open source project in Python, participation in which will help me to better understand the OO-model of language. Although, this is my first step with Python, in general, I am an experienced programmer and I can be useful for a project.

May be someone can suggest something?

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I'd suggest taking a look at either github or bitbucket, those are full of projects written in the language of your choice. –  Mahmoud Hossam Mar 31 '11 at 16:25

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I don't have a specific suggestion, but if others recommend SourceForge, I heartily recommend GitHub. Click here to view Python projects hosted there.

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I can recommend developing Trac and its plugins. Look at the more complex ones like the discussion plugin. Then look up the Trac APIs it uses and understand the component model.

Why Trac?

I think Trac is one of these projects which show how to use Python's beautiful features in the most sensible way. It's relatively easy to get started and you will get the important abstractions and concepts very fast. Plus, Trac is a really cool development tool and I'm sure sooner or later you'll use it for another project of yours.

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A good place to start is: sourceforge, they have plenty of projects in Python that you can contribute to. Start with a few simple projects to get up to speed quickly, contribute some fixes, then work your way on to features. I'd sit down first and have a think about what kind of projects your are interested in or what kind of areas you'd like to explore. Python introduced me to Pygame :)

I'm quite fond of the pygame site, while not in the same niche as sourceforge, it does have a collection of games that you can take out and improve, I've spoken to many of the authors on the site and they where more than happy for me to make various enhacements, providing I contributed them back to the community.

Good luck and welcome to the Python community!

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I haven't contributed, but I use Gpodder which uses Python. It runs on many platforms (part of what I like about it), and they seem very open to new contributors.

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My company just released an open source version of our Python/Django CMS Tendenci and we would love to have python developers download the software and create plugins and provide feedback on how we can improve our open source documentation and the CMS itself.

Tendenci is the first open source CMS specifically created for nonprofit organizations and provides tools like online payments with merchant account integration, event registration, memberships etc. with the goal of giving nonprofit organizations better websites affordably.

You can download Tendenci on Github: https://github.com/tendenci/tendenci and contact us/find out more at http://tendenci.org.

Please tell us what you think and how we can improve to make it better for python developers.

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