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I'm interested in building some functionality similar in nature to that provided by VoiceDrop (http://www.voicedrop.ws/).

I'm thinking about using Twilio, offers some very powerful telephony features, but it's not immediately obvious how one would dial a user's voicemail directly.

Anyone have any ideas?

edit: apologies for the poor tag, I wanted to put "voicedrop voice-mail twilio"

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Many phone systems have a number you can call to get access to the voicemail system. You call it directly, enter the mailbox number (the person's phone number you want to leave a message for) and then leave a message. If you can find those numbers for each service, you could use Twilio to make calls to them. The challenge would be navigating the various voicemail systems to automate reaching the 'beep' but the rest should be pretty straightforward.

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