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I'm a software engineer with 5years of IT experience in a reputed (tier 1 indian MNC) service based software company in peoplesoft and informatica. But unfortunately i'm interested to switch to a programming career, esp. C. Can anyone please let me know what is a way to switch to a C programming career?

Also, what are the pros and cons for such a switch?

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Get Started on a good book The Definitive C Book Guide and List

Also follow the FAQ : C Language FAQ on Stackoverflow

A Great Online reference is Cprogramming.com

Follow up your study with practice on a good ide. Be sure to take written notes while learning.

Find a good open source project to get into(github/sourceforge) after you get familiar with the language.

Be Prepared for a PAYCUT

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Why would you expect a pay cut? –  Pemdas Apr 5 '11 at 17:11
It depends on what at what level of proficiency the OP wishes to make the shift.This matters when you are trying to translate the development experience already gained to the required language proficiency in the new environment.C/C++ require a fair degree of proficiency in production environment Not considering problem solving, SE skills . –  Aditya P Apr 5 '11 at 18:17

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