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I'm not sure if I'de like to learn C# just for web development then what should I learn from C# exactly, will I compare myself to anyone who wants to learn C# and in this case I have to learn everything! or are there specific things that if I have learnt then I can write code for small-medium websites without any worries about the C# language?

In short, for web development what should I learn from C# language? As I am not sure if I should go with C# first and then learn about the framework ASP.NET or pick up the two by reading a book such as "Beginning ASP.NET 4 in C# and VB".


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You can't really do much with ASP.NET without using either C# or VB.NET, so you have to learn the language.

As for how much you need to learn... well, that depends. There's the obvious stuff like syntax. You will pick up web-related things as you work with ASP.NET, so I'd start with learning the basics of C# itself and then go for learning the web framework(s).

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In all cases, whatever platform you decide on, first learn the language. That will provide a base from which you can build on. Then you can learn the associated frameworks for whatever medium you want to reach people through your software.

As far as c# goes... once you learn the language, you can expand your knowledge to things like:

  • ASP.NET for the web
  • Silverlight for the web/desktop/mobile
  • WPF for the desktop
  • XNA for desktop/mobile/console

And that's a small focus on some of the options for presentation; there's more. Then you have backend, middleware, etc. There certainly is a lot to it, and it probably seems daunting now, but it all starts at the language.

This is consistent with other large languages/frameworks. They're not all made equal, and your preferences (once you know what they are) will dictate which you enjoy more.

From my completely subjective point of view as a c# developer: I say go for it. There's lots of doors to walk through and windows to fly out of once you've got the language under your belt. And the language is only getting better with age. Who knows, web development looks cool to you now, but maybe you'll fall in love with something totally different.

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Decisively, C# is for general purpose programming therefore it useful also for web development.

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