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In bidding a complex project for a client, I wanted a way to determine their reliance upon software. They have many people doing manual entry and Excel spreadsheets power many pieces as well as legacy code and some off the shlef solutions that do not interact in any way.

Its one thing to say "You need software to run your business" but how do you create a measure of this to be able to say something like "You are currently 68% reliant upon software" its time to take it seriously before the expanding complexity costs more to maintain than to re-write?

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You are currently 68% reliant upon software

I don't think this is the comment that most companies need. They need to be shown how their efficiency can go up and/or costs go down if they implement suitable software solutions. How you measure that doesn't just depend on what they have already, regardless of how fragmented it is, but how your proposed solution can change that.

As a result, the question you are asking is meaningless from a business point of view. I don't care if we are 73% dependent on technology; I want to know how any changes I make will impact core efficiencies and costs.

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I suggest you to investigate Zachman's Framework and have a look at Iteraplan, too.

The problem is that unless the company is really small, tracking down all (or most) computing activities will prove difficult and very time consuming.

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You might want to take a look at a company called Troux Technologies. Their business is all about trying to help companies answer your question.

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You could try to investigate a company's processes to the point of figuring out what is where though I'd argue you may have better luck showing how X% of time is taken up by employees using ACME's Widget wizards which could be improved by the following set of changes which would be software and process related.

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