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after getting a Object Oriented design question during technical interview - for example, design a car rental program - what would be the general steps (a.k.a best practices) that the interviewee should follow to solve the problem? what would be the possible pitfalls?

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The first pitfall can come from designing an application you know nothing about. Need to ask for use cases and actors, figure out requirements prior to class design. Car rental program is little more than a title. –  P.Brian.Mackey Apr 10 '11 at 3:05

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What I suggest is when-ever you get new program to design, to get information on that project just ask following question to yourself:

  1. Who will use this program?
  2. What this program will do?
  3. How it will do that?
  4. When it will be used?
  5. Why it will be used?
  6. Where it will be used?
  7. How much/many it will be used?

Based on this information it will be easy for you to design the program.

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Very good questions, but don't ask them to yourself, ask them to your interviewer. Treat them as your customer representative or BA. If they can't answer, tell them you can't design a system in a vacuum. You can't do that in the real world either. –  Rein Henrichs Apr 14 '11 at 16:33

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