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I have been working in java for 3+ years and I would like to be certified in Cloud Computing. Like Sun Java certification, do we have one standard recognition that provides cloud computing certification? If we have multiple certification providers available then can you please suggest the best?

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Every company offering "cloud services" not only has its own "standards" but its own definition of what "cloud computing" actually is. In my book it is: "a whole load of hot air blowing around the heads of marketing executives and junior programmers eager to show off".

So there is no "standard", certainly no "recognised standard certification". But no doubt someone will offer you a piece of paper saying you're a "certified cloud computing expert" if you pay them a few thousand dollars.

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Well, you specify Java in your tags and say you are a Java developer... so this isn't a great answer, but there is certification from Microsoft on Azure.

The 2 other big cloud companies are Amazon and Google, I am not aware of them offering certification but it may happen, or a 3rd party might develop a course.

Note that Azure does support Java to a certain extent, so the certification from MS might be useful to you, but obviously it is still Azure specific.

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