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I am working on a idea, I need a co-programmer to get that to a good shape.

What are the factors should be considered while choosing people for such positions.

(Note : if any java programmer is open-minded, please contact me. This however is not a job offer :-) )

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When it comes to money or shares in your idea, friends are no more friends. You have been warned. –  Buhake Sindi Apr 15 '11 at 8:41
If you build it they will come. –  Spoike Jul 7 '11 at 10:45

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Few factors i would consider.

  • Level of Interest

  • Commitment

  • Allowable time to spare for project

  • Working time spared for project - if you are working with someone overseas then you would be working at different times.

  • prompt communicator - in discussing issues over messenger,wiki edits of project trac etc..

  • Most important of all His expectations from the project and his share of the loot

  • Agreement on all things financial and ownership rights. if and when project enters revenue generation state.

Often we might consider Trust as a factor.But this is always risky with no guarantees. This only be gained by actually working together.But its safe to assume there is a good probability this wont be violated if the rest of the above factors are clear and agreed upon.

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For you to get your idea realized in good shape, what is more important in the candidate with whom you are going to pair-program? An answer to this is the following set questions:

  • How can (s)he complement my contributions to the project?
  • What is that (s)he has, which I can pick up/ learn while working with her/him?
  • Is (s)he trust-worthy, that he isn't going to steal my idea and fly off?
  • Is (s)he reliable, that (s)he will be committed until the shared dream is realized?
  • What is the cost (Salary, Profit, etc) of working with him/her?
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