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I have been studying C# for about six months at University. I would like to have something to show for my work. I know the certification scene changes from month to month and I'd appreciate if anyone can give me advice on what certification options are available to me.

Thank you very much for your time.


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You may want to look at Microsoft Certification. Start with an MCTS and work your way up.

It is a recognized certification; as to how much it counts with regards to gaining employment is debatable, but it does certify a certain level of competency with the framework.

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I have always thought it unusual, though, that there are no Microsoft certifications to demonstrate competence in the C# language - they are all around areas of the .NET framework. – Carson63000 Apr 17 '11 at 12:13

In my opinion, projects you've worked on are probably the best kind of certification. Having projects and also being able to show you have a competent command of C# in interviews will get you a lot farther than a certificate that says you know C#.

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Actually certifications doesn't change from month to month, they change roughly every 3rd year. The way this currently works is that when you pass a certification it's valid up to a year after the next update of that certification (this cycle is roughly 3-4 years).

If you wanna be a certified developer you typically have to pass a certification every 3rd year to maintain that status.

Anyone can be certified in any area. However, Microsoft recently changed the way certification and partner status work. Previously, you just needed a certain number of certifications within your organization, today you need a minimum number of certifications within a specific area to attain a higher partnership status in that area.

This is interesting because organizations which value certifications will look at what type of certifications you have in order to maintain their own status within a particular area. If you wanna be certified, I'd recommend looking into the areas where you wanna work. Those will give you the best outlook.

You should also consider that the entry level MCTS certifications are broad and test a wide range of know how. If you have lots of experience you'll likely find MCTS very easy, but if you don't study correctly, you'll likely fail the MCTS exam. The overconfident ones that try and head butt their way through the MCTS exam are typically the ones that fail.

There's this company called MeasureUp that provide on-line training and tests that you can do. These tests will give you an idea of what it means to pass a certification. I believe there are some demoes you can try out yourself without having to commit.

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You can start with MCTS for .NET 4 technology Windows development 70-511 after you can pass to exams 70-516 - Data access technology and 70-513 WCF technology

look at the road map for this certifications Certification Visual Studio road map

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