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I've always been a solo programmer and I would like to gain experience working with a team. Where are some places I can go to gain experience with a team assuming that I am willing to work for free in an open source project simply for gaining experience.


I think this question can be enhanced as I don't think in it's present form it is clear and concise.

Basically I'm asking for resources on how to find a team to develop for to learn how to work with others. Please edit this question as you see fit.

I apologize, at the moment I don't have enough points to make this into a wiki

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Maybe it is too late this year, but have you looked at Google Summer of Code? They basically pay you to work on an open source project as well as helping you integrate with the project's team by doing things like giving you a mentor from that team.

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+1 as a former mentor I heartily recommend GSoC. –  Rein Henrichs Apr 18 '11 at 8:02

What are some places? It's right there in your question: open source projects. Find one that interests you and figure out how you can help.

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