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Has anyone had any experiences with developing a Partitioned Global Address Space product or system, or an application that used PGAS, or anything PGAS-like? I'm looking for insights, warstories, and practical approaches with regards to languages used, wisdom learned, and ideas/applications either dreamed of or spun off from actual development.

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This is a non trivial question (is this paper yours? http://www.cs.berkeley.edu/~kamil/papers/masters.pdf). There are many PGAS products, and systems, and questions about how they should be used most efficiently, and which systems would be best for allowing the end user to understand their programs, and write efficient programs, are still open and very actively researched.

Most experience that people would have with systems like these would likely be in a research or (nearly) one-off solution basis, which wouldn't easily generalize.

I'd recommend locating groups that are performing research in the area, and contacting them directly/interviewing them/obtaining documentation from them if you're looking for anecdotes, war-stories, etc...

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