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@Amir Rezeai says that 'Coding Assistance' is his favorite Resharper feature.

I actually just found out about 'Coding Assistance' after watching James Kovacs' most excellent webcast, entitled 'Resharper Tips and Tricks' on Pluralsight.com.

My Question is:

Do you use 'Symbol Completion' or 'Smart Completion'?

And if so, did it take you a while to get used to [either feature]?

These features could potentially accelerate development.

But it seems like they require a different mindset.
[I don't know - Maybe it's just me.]

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I use both. ReSharper makes development a lot smoother and at least for me it didn't take very long for it to become almost "natural" to use the features.

As a consultant it's definitely one of the few products that I bought my own license for, so whatever client I go work for I have it available.

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Both here too. Frankly, I didn't even know they were different -- sometimes you got one list when you were typing, sometimes you get the other. Bit it tends to automagically be the right thing. Just get resharper.

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