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  1. I have a hosting package with Just Host that I use for my Wordpress blogs. Is this the same as having a “web server” when referencing web app development? I live-chatted with tech support and they said is has apache installed and I can configure mysql and python. I'm planning on programming my app in python. Do I need something else from another service?

  2. Do I need to setup a “developer environment” on my mac just to build my MVP?. I’ve read that I need to download MAMP and this will give me apache and a virtual server, is that true? I’ve download, MAMP and python. My web app will require a database but I’m not sure what to download for that.

  3. Is anyone willing to review my idea and give me a sense as to what I need to do and if it would be obtainable or realistic that I could do it myself? My exposure to the tech community is limited (html/css) but I know i can compelete my goals with a few helping hands.

Its learned that people don't know your starving unless you ask for a plate.. so ladies and gents can someone please feed me?

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  1. That depends on your host.

  2. Yes, you will need to be able to develop your web application locally before you deploy it and throughout the process. Part of the "job" of a developer is setting up an efficient development and deployment process. MAMP (Mac Apache MySQL PHP) is unnecessary for a Python web application but it might get the Apache and MySQL dependencies out of the way for you more expediently than other methods. MAMP includes a database, MySQL. Reading documentation, quick-start guides and so on will help you configure your development environment. There are resources available somewhere on the internet for pretty much every web development environment, including Python and MySQL on OS X.

  3. This question is off topic according to the FAQ. http://answers.onstartups.com/ might be more appropriate, but then again it might not. You would have to check their FAQ for their rules. In general, the idea is less important than the execution and most people who have been successful have failed at least once. So: who cares if it's obtainable or realistic? It's more important in any single case that you try than that you succeed. Success comes through experience, not the other way around.

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thanks Rein. Since posting I've done even more reading and research and have hired a tutor for my python training. –  guerrilx Apr 22 '11 at 15:09
Excellent! Good luck! (btw if you find my answer useful it would be nice to upvote it ;) –  Rein Henrichs Apr 22 '11 at 17:13

As far as #3 goes, it sounds like you need to reevaluate you goals. If your web development experience consists of exposure to HTML/CSS then publishing an application written in Python is going to be quite a leap. I'd suggest learning some Python first outside of a web environment, then setting up a server on your local machine and build some simple client-server apps using a Python web framework. Once you're comfortable with that model of programming then you can try a hosted solution and working with other people.

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No. (Based on you asking this question.)

If you manually had to install a MySQL server via some shell-like interface and then installed Wordpress manually by downloading, unzipping, copying, etc. then yes, what you logged in to was is your web server which would be a perfect fit for web development.

However, I suspect you went to wordpress.com and registered several accounts. Unfortunately, this is just a wordpress site - not fit for web development.

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thanks jonathan. i have a few wordpress.org accts that i self-hosted. Installed using fantastico, so I think im working with the first scenario –  guerrilx Apr 21 '11 at 5:52
@guerrilx: Ah OK. First I've heard of fantastico... but I wish I'd come up with that idea. My answer is irrelevant now. –  Jonathan Khoo Apr 21 '11 at 5:56

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