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I am currently reading illustrated C# by Apress(on my first read through) and was thinking about moving on to illustrated WPF or Pro WPF after. I was wondering if anyone has read either and could tell me if pro WPF covers everything in illustrated WPF or should I get illustrated wpf then move to pro? Also, if anyone was thinking about getting illustrated C#, its not a bad book, it can get kind of confusing for someone who hasn't done any programming at all, but I find if you mix the structure of the book with some online videos it goes pretty well.

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Make sure you get the latest editions of WPF, Silverlight and Entity Frameworks. MS has introduced significant changes into the many versions that appeared in the past few years. –  Emmad Kareem Nov 4 '11 at 7:42

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You may take a look at StackOverflow's response to the question on WPF books.

The accepted answer is related to WPF Unleashed. However, it was three years ago and there is now a new version, WPF4 Unleashed.

I happen to have the first version of this book and I thought it was really great. I didn't think so at first but the fact that the book is in color is very... relaxing, pleasing to the eyes ? Also, everything is very well and deeply explained so that you not only know why some things are the way they are but also why Microsoft did it that way.

Sadly I cannot compare with the two books you mentioned since I don't have them. The only comparison I can provide is that both "unleashed" books have glowing amazon reviews, much more than the two books you mentioned. But amazon statistics are not the most objective, isn't it ? :-)

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I have a number of Apress C# books; Beginning ASP.NET in C#, Pro ASP.NET in C#, Pro C# 2010.

I find that they are heavy, good reference books, but not good 'learning' books.

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