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Scene7 is Adobe's image server. It seems like many people are using it.

We are considering using it. I want to know the developers experience. Was a pain to develop with or did it make things easier? What experiences have you had?

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I have a client that uses it for showing a product they produce with different materials. I believe it was originally set up before Adobe acquired Scene7. At that time the client and Scene7 worked directly to get the product and material images / data all set up. No developer needed to get involved.

Programmatically speaking it's as simple to use as a couple of parameters in an IMG URL. We keep the IDs in tables along with the products and materials, then drop those IDs into URL parameters as needed. I can't imagine it being any simpler. Managing the Scene7 IDs in our backend is a tedious process for our client when there are big additions or changes, and I don't know if Adobe has done anything recently to make that easier.

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