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I've recently really dived into Ruby/Rails and I'm falling in love. I have a gut feeling this might be something that could last for a while.

What I've been missing is interaction with people who are as passionate about Ruby, Rails and things closely related to these.

I live in a relatively small city, but was able to find five local people through a RoR website.

Weekly meetups with Macs, beer and bro-love rushed through my mental theater. Seriously though, I have no clue how I could approach these people. I have their e-mail addresses.

Any advice?

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Use food. Especially BBQ. –  surfasb Nov 20 '11 at 23:20
I would totally come to a <my-language-of-choice> BBQ in my city, worst case scenario I meet kids that may one day take some excess work off my back. And tell them that if they know more guys in the business to bring them on too. –  ZJR Sep 16 '13 at 2:56

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Well, as long as it's the language you're in love with and not the other programmers themselves, just treat it as any other common-interest meeting. Ask on the website, "does anyone from the [where you're from] area want to get together and hang out?" You could even take the initiative: "Ruby on Rails Interest Group meeting for anyone interested, this Saturday at 4 PM at the public library." Public libraries work really well for this sort of thing, since they're quiet and tend to have free wi-fi and accomodations for laptop users.

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Good answer, but in my experience forum entries and more or less anonymous invitations are likely not to work. –  Peter Kofler Nov 20 '11 at 20:13

Are you enthusiastic about your work and do they look like enthusiastic, too? A bit of research never hurts. Do they have blogs? Do they twitter? What do they write? Do you like their content? If they are just "plain" coders, likely they are not interested in meeting/any activities in their free time.

But if you think they are you should

  1. follow Mason Wheeler answer and create a public meetup/event for everybody to see.
  2. contact them in person. Just be honest. If they are interested in meeting then they are happy for someone to take initiative. They will thank you for asking. Just be authentic. Write that you contact them because you think they might be interested. Refer to the public meetup you set. Invite them to a doodle to find a time for the meetup.
  3. Don't try to ask more people to get more feedback. Just ask the ones that you are sure that are interested. To get a community started you need a good foundation. Other people will join later.

I did it like that and it worked out. Just be aware that you will have to do the most of the work at least in the beginning. Attending a meetup is one thing, herding the can of works another. Good luck!

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How about starting a meetup? There might even be people in nearby towns who already have one or are looking for one. Have a look http://ruby-on-rails.meetup.com/

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