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I wonder how can an ASP.NET developer's skills be helpful in customer relationship management? I was going through a job portal searching for jobs in ASP.NET and found that ASP.NET developer skills such as MS SQL, Web services etc were required for CRM Development (could be SAP, Seibel or MS Dynamics).

How can an ASP.NET developer be helpful in CRM?


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They are not related questions. CRM is a type of system, ASP a technology. If the CRM is developed using ASP, then it helps. If it is developed with java, then it does not help so much. In either case, you would still lack the concepts used in CRMs. – SJuan76 May 11 '11 at 10:44

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I think you are reading too much into this. They probably simply have a project related to CRM, and have decided to implement it using .NET technologies.

.NET, like any development framework, is not tied to any specific field of problems (though it is a popular choice for typical "business/enterprise development"). But if a project uses .NET, job ads for it will ask for .NET experience.

As to the other technologies mentioned (SAP, Siebel or MS Dynamics): I don't know these in detail, but both Siebel (now owned by Oracle) and SAP use their own frameworks, and have good interfaces to Java, so I'd expect projects using them to require Java skills rather than .NET (though interfacing them with .NET is certainly possible). MS Dynamics, unsurprisingly, has close ties to .NET, so there I would expect ads asking for .NET experience.

Ultimately, all systems support standardized interfaces (Web services or similar), so you can make them work with any technology; it's just that each system has some technologies it is more closely associated with.


It's actually quite common (in Australia at least) for companies to use .NET to develop the "glue" applications between many different CRM packages (SAP being a popular component). It would not surprise me if a lot of these roles consisted of much of this kind of work.


ASP.NET along with C# (plugins/console apps), JScript and XML are important skills for a Microsoft Dynamics CRM developer. ASP.NET is mostly used in portals and to integrate other applications into the CRM interface.

EDIT - In the .NET world, ASP.NET is a sought after skill, yes. I am a Microsoft CRM developer so I can only speak to this product personally, but any web based CRM solution built on .NET will likely be the same.

so you mean that ASP.NET developers are fit for CRM Jobs? – Romil N May 31 '11 at 4:34

FYI, Sugar CRM and CiviCRM are developed in PHP/MySQL.

So, if the company posting the job wants to develop a CRM application in .NET, it makes sense.


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