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How do you organize your software assets (source code and resources), your "active" and "past" projects, and your Software Department processes/work-instructions (including source code conventions, rules, and reviews process)?

For example, one approach would be to use "Trac" with databases for "Software Assets" and "Software Process". Another would be to have databases for "Project A", "Project B", and "Software Process".

Is your source code "by-project", or "by-all-in-department", or "by-product"?

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Working in a Fortune 500 company, our source is organized by group (or department) and by product/application. The group layer allows us to maintain security to just those who should have access. Projects for us can span multiple applications (or products) and would be a nightmare to base our source code on.

For any application that has been retired, we move that source code to an archive repository, making our main repository strictly for live applications.

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