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Preferably a tool which will run from inside of the Delphi IDE (I use Delphi 7), but I can accept a standalone program.

Should have the ability to define rules (X space indent, no tabs, one statement per line, etc, etc (perhaps capitalization rules too?))

Nice if it can handle an entire directory or project at one touch, rather than just a single file.


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The Jedi Code Formatter (JCF) is the best I've found. There are a couple of plugins for Delphi 7, the Delphi Formatting Expert (DelForExp) which is also available as a plug-in for GExperts.

The JCF is more configurable, but the GExperts addin is more convenient for me because I have GExperts installed. It's flexible enough to cater for my needs. It has "all open files" and "whole project" modes, but that has the usual problem of ignoring anything not listed in your dpr file.

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+1 and the answer. Either one of those will work for me. Thanks –  Mawg May 16 '11 at 5:11

There is a delphi code formatter built into Delphi XE, also. It can not handle the entire directory in one go. You simply hit Ctrl+D when you want to reformat the unit in the editor.

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