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I am a Java programmer willing to learn smalltalk. As of now I am working within the Pharo environment. Trying to switch from Java to Smalltalk is being a bit of a headache, honestly. I would like to learn Smalltalk with the help of a code base available but I believe that there aren't many Smalltalk example projects available on the web.

So are there any particular websites that involve learning Smalltalk (Pharo) based on some simple examples? Currently I am taking the help of Pharo By Example doc but I feel it is just not sufficient for me. I am looking for more some code examples in Smalltalk.

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Your image is full of Smalltalk code examples, isn't it?

Few small snippets are available at

…Yep, and you can use ProfStef to learn Smalltalk interactively:

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As others have suggested, image is your primary reading source. There is a ton of code there ready to be read, but much more importantly to be instantly tried, inspected, debugged and poked around.

Once you click with that you will get the "Oh my God it is full of stars (objects)" feeling.

Talk to your image and enjoy.

p.s. Remember to make backups of your "poking" image regularly.

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Hmmm , there are a lot of samples, also a lot of books available for free under CC or similar

Here is the Stef's Free Online Smalltalk Books recopilation

You can read there what Stéphane Ducasse said : I started to be fed up to see all the books I like to be out of print, so I started to contact authors and collect their old books. I would like to thanks them all and their publishers as well. If you know an author that is willing to give to the community a book, please give him my email. Now if you like these books and want to help me continue support me.

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There is a book called Learn Pharo by Example –  yeradis May 17 '11 at 10:18

You can browse and look for examples. Beware that some projects are quite old and the quality is highly variable.

As others have said, the image contains some good packages (ProfStef is a good read in my opinion).

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If Smalltalk causes a headache for you, maybe you should start with small code examples from books:

As for real code:

  • Since many applications of Smalltalk are in the financial sector, you don't have access to the code.
  • You will find some Smalltalk code on the nice open source project
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