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I'm a Java Developer, and now I'm using IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate Edition. Is it worth to buy phpStorm for developing PHP projects? Also, are there any other features for PHP developers which IDEA doesn't have?

Thanks in advance!

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I always assumed that IntelliJ was the full-featured product while PHPStorm was just PHP. IntelliJ has had everything I have needed for PHP. –  NickC May 17 '11 at 8:53

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I've found myself in a similar situation with IntelliJ and PyCharm and in my case I ended up buying PyCharm for a good reason: The actual Python plugin in PyCharm was more advanced and resolved a bug that was stopping me from running my Python unit tests in IntelliJ.

I do expect IDEA to be updating PyCharm or phpStorm plugins quicker for several reasons: First, since they're smaller IDEs, the release turnaround is probably quicker as opposed to IntelliJ. Second, by releasing features first in these IDEs, you can promote these IDEs as opposed to IntelliJ.

However, since I use all sorts of languages, I stick to IntelliJ for the majority of my work.

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If you want to go the commercial route, I'd opt for IntelliJ, since you're more than likely going to use it to work in other languages - but I agree with @James, Netbeans is a really good match for PHP development (although I would stick with 6.9, since they dropped Ruby/Python support in 7...sheesh)

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Usually IntelliJ plugins for Ruby, Python and PHP are behind their counterparts in RubyMine, PyCharm and WebStorm.
So I think WebStorm is going to give you more advanced features than IntelliJ's PHP plugin.

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Don't forget there is an Eclipse-based tool named PDT-PHP development tools which proofed to be very good and had the advantage not to learn a new IDE since I develop JAVA in Eclipse too.

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What about the others? I use Netbeans with the PHP module. It works fine and it's open source.

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