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I was recently shown Script# and I'm considering using it.

I'm curious if anyone is using it and If so how has it been using Script#?


"Script# is meant to bring the power and productivity of C# and .NET tools to Ajax development by compiling C# source code into regular JavaScript"

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So... it's like RJS but for C#? There's a reason Rails abandoned the RJS model; hiding away Javascript doesn't help at all and can hurt you if you need to drop down to the raw thing.

This might have some uses but we need to stop trying to abstract away all of the aspects of the web... that already was tried and failed miserably with WebForms. JavaScript should be understood and embraced, not tried to be abstracted and compiled down from another language.

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Cheers @Wayne M, I agree with you to a certain degree.Perhaps we should embrace javascript more however we already end-up using a frameworks like JQuery, YUI and etc. I'm just looking for others experience with Script# –  Nickz May 19 '11 at 4:22
I understand, and didn't mean to shoot down your idea :). I took a look at Script# last night and does seem pretty cool, just the first thing that I thought of was RJS and the reasons why it was eventually left out. –  Wayne M May 19 '11 at 12:10
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