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Website for code review

As a sole developer on a Sharp Architecture project, I'd like to find a way to get some code review. How do people do this? Are there services that people can recommend?

Edit: Specifically, I need code review for the overall project - a big task.

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Check out http://codereview.stackexchange.com/, it's made exactly for this purpose.

Code Review - Stack Exchange is for sharing code from projects you are working on for peer review. If you are looking for feedback on a specific working piece of code from your project in the following areas…

  • Best practices and design pattern usage
  • Security issues
  • Performance
  • Correctness in unanticipated cases

then you are in the right place!

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Thanks, Scott - that's awesome to know about! It looks like it's more for specific bits of code, though. I'm looking for something a little more comprehensive, I think, so if others have suggestions for that, please let me know. –  sydneyos May 18 '11 at 18:19