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I have been programming python and web apps awhile now but never delved very deep into OOP. I use classes all the time but I am pretty sure i am not fully getting what I could get from OOP. So today I popped open Learn Python (mark lutz) which i had read awhile ago, flipped through the oop section in about 5 minutes and realized it contained nothing new. What would you suggest as a next step in becoming better at understand OOP?

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Have you tried googling OOP????? It returns a pretty good result for WHAT OOP is in the first place :P "Classes" is just the tip of the iceberg. You need to know the 3 concepts -Inheritance,Encapsulation and Polymorphism theoretically before getting started with anyyy language,let alone Python.

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Of course but a solid book recommend by people in the field or a specific topic (such as the ones you listed) goes a long way to getting better books/google results. Thanks for the info! – Ominus May 19 '11 at 19:30

I read this book awhile back when I thought about taking a Python gig. It was pretty good!

If you want a deeper understanding of OO in general there are a lot of resources on the web about it.

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