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Is it possible to create a web application/service in PHP in which the backbone of the application/service is really a linux script and PHP is just relaying the data from the script? The linux script requires certain types of hardware and drivers in order to execute smoothly. I will be hosting the web application and linux script however not the hardware or drivers. I'm thinking of writing up some javascript code that will check if the end-user meet the hardware/driver requirements & have some sort of connection, if so the linux script will execute and utilize the user's hardware to process data that is then passed to PHP. YIKES!? ;o Is my approach for this correct or is there an easier way? Thanks!

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I would like to see a Linux user who would permit a web resource running a shell script on his machine. If it's not a huge commercial secret, what are you trying to achieve this way? – Roman Grazhdan May 23 '11 at 11:42

Why even use PHP if its only function is as a conduit to a shell script? Why not just install them as CGI scripts?

You won't be able to check hardware and drivers with Javascript. Having that ability could lead to huge security issues. You might, however, be able to write a client-side Java applet that intefaces with the client machine to check out those things for you. However, I don't know enough about Java to know whether or not that's possible (in a client-side applet anyway).

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