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I want to make a networked building game with limited physics(just for the characters) and I wanted to know what the best route would be. I was looking at a browser based Java game or a downloadable C++ game or maybe even a downloadable Java game. Anyways, would a browser based game be too slow for something like this(thousands of blocks with multiple players)? What are your thoughts/suggestions?


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Have you tried either approach yet? I would suggest that you work with whatever is easiest for you - if you run into problems with speed, bring those issues up here (or on gamedev.stackexchange.com) and ask for help with them. –  a_m0d May 24 '11 at 0:10

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If you're not set on C++ or Java specifically, Unity might be worth having a look at. You have to use C#, Javascript or Python for the coding, but it's pretty powerful and will deploy as a browser based game (requires a plugin) or downloadable stand-alone. Also lets you target smart phones, tablets and some game consoles.

It's capable of pretty impressive visuals for something that lives in a browser, and people have written MMOs using it, so it should be capable of supporting the multiplayer you need.

Main site: http://unity3d.com/

Browser-based demos: http://unity3d.com/gallery/live-demos/index.html#tropical-paradise


A few things that haven't been brought up yet.

As MMavipc said, C++ will generally run code faster, but Java will generally allow you to develop the game faster. Additionally, Java gives you instant cross platform code, while C++ will require a bit of work. At the moment, there's no way to run native (C++) code in the browser (there's some experimental work towards that, but for the purpose of this question, that doesn't count), while with Java, you have applets and such.

Finally, people are far more likely to play a game in their browser than download a game.