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As a part of self-evalution, I bumped into this programmer competency matrix which collects many major aspects of being good/expert programmer. It really helped me a lot to understand what I know about programming, what I don't know and what I have never even thought about.

Now, I would need same kind of matrix about 3D graphics programming skills - not so much about using software to build models but about general 3D stuff, mathematics, using shaders, performance/optimizations etc. Does anyone have an idea where I could find one? It does not have to be perfect (and not even matrix necessarily) but it would be nice to have at least some basic aspects covered.

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You might want to have a look at various top-end computer science offerings in Computer Graphics such as Stanford, MIT or Oxford.

You'll have to "build it yourself" but it should give a list of the sorts of skills you might want to put into such a skills matrix.

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