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what you people use to handle security issues, different security rules, permissions etc.

Possible answers:

1) Security framework like Rhino security or any other. (pros/cons?)
2) Custom solution specific to the problem. (pros/cons?)
3) Other. (what? | pros/cons?)

Feel free to elaborate on this topic.

Best regards!

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First of all, I assume that we are talking about web apps. That said, I prefer the classic RBAC model mapped to the MVC architecture.

Every user has one or more roles assigned which represent his position in the company (eg. "Call Center Agent" or "Branch Manager"). Each role consists of multiple atomic permissions, and a single permission represents a method of a controller object (eg. "delete customer"). Thanks to that the permissions can be verified in a generic way before a request gets passed to the controller. Moreover, when new permissions are added it's enough to add them to appropriate roles (without editing all users). You can even have a script that finds new permissions automatically based on the source code.

I agree that RBAC is good model. I prefer a security which is bound to the domain. I mean that it is not "mapped" to MVC, winforms etc. After all we talk about enterprise security level. –  mynkow May 27 '11 at 20:05

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