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I am preparing for technical interview and would like to brush my coding skills. I have written a C++ program and would like to test it online. I don't have access to any linux compiler on my machine. Where can I do it? I have perception that I can do it in code.google.com -> Google Code Playground

but I don't see where I can choose my compiler.

I have written a simple C hello world program in "edit code" panel and have clicked on "Run code" but it has been a while and nothing appears in bottom output window.

Please help. Thanks,

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Use Ideone. I use it all the time when I need to try something out but doesn't have the necessary compiler/interpreter running on my machine. Besides, you can also share your code, which is useful for websites like this one.

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I only wish they integrated Clang, gcc is good for code generation, but the diagnostic messages uh. –  Matthieu M. May 29 '11 at 16:17

Do you really need a Linux machine to access a c++ compiler? On a Windows machine you can install MinGW -- the GNU gcc/g++ compilers for Windows. If you need more of a complete Unix environment as well (grep, sed, awk, the works...) you can install Cygwin - a GNU environment for Windows.

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Besides the other answers, there are many prebuilt virtual machines that you can use to run an instance of linux. These can be used for a large amount of development against machines you don't have access to.

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