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I am done with HTML and CSS. Now I want to know whether I should study PHP and SQL together or individually. Basically, I have this book, O'Reily Head First PHP and MySQL. Should I take this book or start with a book for PHP only? And is there any difference?


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It really depends on your programming background. If all you have worked with is html and css then you'll find that working with php will be quite different and will take much time to master. However, if you do have other programming experience (i.e. c/c++, java, etc), then you likely will have no problem at all studying them together. That being said either way you may be fine to study them together as sql really isn't that difficult to pick up the basics, and is more than a little handy to use in web applications. Ultimately you'll have to decide how you feel you're handling it as you start learning either or both. Another option might be to study the basics of SQL first (shouldn't take you very long to do this) then start in on studying both of them together.


I'd say separate.

I've seen too many confused beginners unable to clearly distinguish the SQL part from the PHP part, concatenating values into queries and happily mixing SQL queries, PHP code, HTML, and javascript, and then wondering why they can't execute javascript in their SQL queries, or why they can't do SQL queries in a javascript function or something.

Grasping HTTP, PHP and HTML is confusing enough as it is.


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