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Why does Aptana Studio need Git installed on Windows?

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Answers to this question on their support forum is probably what you are after.

Extract from linked site:

Thank you for your interest in coming back and your initial feedback. We use git internally within the IDE for a variety of purposes. Some user-visible areas:

1) Downloading, editing, and contributing back changes to Rubles, our scripting interface. 2) Allowing users to easily download templates and samples that are remotely hosted

I would not view it as a source control system in this context, but rather an program prerequisite. We could have used a regular Java git library, but we also use the git app on Windows to provide good terminal support too. We also could have re-built the functionality ourselves, but the git architecture and infrastructure allows a lot of flexibility that we can take advantage of. You can choose not to install git, but the above features won't work.

There is a side benefit of allowing users extremely easy setup of a source control system without needing any external servers, but users don't need to interact with that if they have another source control system they like.

Hope that explains our motivations a bit better,

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