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This is a tactical implementation question about usage of Vaadin or in some part of my application.

Vaadin is a great framework to login users and implement sophisticated web applications with many pages. However, I think it is not very well suited to desgin pages to register new users for my application. Am I right? Am I am wrong?

It seems to me that a simple HTML/CSS/Javascript login + email registration + confirmation email with confirmation link cannot be implemented easily with Vaadin. It seems like Vaadin would be overkill. Do you agree? Or am I missing something?

I am looking for feedback from experienced Vaadin users.

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I had to make the same decision and went for a simple HTML login using plain servlets and templates. The rationale was:

1) We're using OpenID and I experienced some difficulty catching redirects from providers in a Vaadin app.

2) By managing security at the servlet level there is a reduced surface area for attack. You can just override getNewApplication in AbstractApplicationServlet to control access to the app. This approach is recommended in this article: Creating Secure Vaadin Applications using JEE6

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Login/registration can be implemented with Vaadin, but there are good arguments to implement login page as a JSP too. It is often question on if you have a traditional web site too and how you want to integrate to that.

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OK. Are these arguments purely functional or are they technical too? If they are technical, what are these? – JVerstry Jun 4 '11 at 18:21

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