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I want to engage a freelancer to work on some software that was developed internally. We're agreed that it'll be difficult for them to quote/estimate the work without access to the existing source code, and I'm happy to give them access to that code but would like something on paper before I do so.

There is nothing in the code that's hugely confidential or sensitive, but it would be negligent of me to share our code without getting them to acknowledge in writing the terms under which we're sharing it.

Does anyone have, or know of, a one-side, "lightweight" NDA that they've used to cover sharing of code at the pitch/estimate phase of a job before? I'm in the UK, so ideally UK law but I'm happy adapting something.

Yes, we have lawyers. Getting them to write something is hugely expensive. Getting them to read something is much cheaper.

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A quick google brought up several results
UK Version

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